The Roeher Institute is known for an array of research and informational products which range from:

  • Books (e.g., high-level conceptual materials on theories of human rights, inclusion and disability; research publications);
  • Professional Reports (i.e., background reports, consultation briefs, literature reviews, demographic analyses, evaluations and other research materials that we haven’t published in book form but which are available in other bound formats);
  • Training Manuals (i.e., print materials which have an applied focus);
  • Occasional Papers (generally brief but thought-provoking papers on selected issues, which are produced when we think that the timing is appropriate, but whose usefulness isn’t necessarily limited to that time frame);
  • Straightforward Guides to Issues (e.g., plain language materials which simplify what are sometimes quite complex research and other topics);
  • Awareness Guides (e.g., plain-language or not-very-complicated materials geared to lay readers seeking insight into various facets of the lives of people living with disability, including family members);
  • Videos (generally in VHS format although we can also arrange for PAL versions where required;