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The production of research and other informational resources is a key feature of The Institute’s activities. This section of the website gives summaries of our most recent research projects.

In 2000-2001 The Institute continued to place major research emphasis in its research agenda on issues of children with disabilities and their families. We released a new series on Children and Families, and broke new ground in devising funding options for home supports; measures to support family members with a disability; indicators for inclusion; and measures for ensuring inclusive family resources programs.

We continued to place major emphasis on the issue of disability supports, including: the gap between what people need and what they actually get; pricing and cost issues; and various policy and program options for bridging the gap between what people need and what they get.

In terms of the social and economic well-being of people with disabilities, we completed a review of policy and program measures in place in Canada to foster the employment of people with disabilities. This work was done for the international Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). We completed a report based on case studies concerning how community economic development could be more inclusive of people with disabilities, and began to develop a conceptual framework and a series of indicators concerning gender, health and disability. As well, we anticipate that a literature review we conducted on factors that affect the employment of people with disabilities will be released shortly.

We continued to work with the CACL federation to develop evaluation methods and reports on program measures to promote the inclusion of people with intellectual and other disabilities in the community. Various other research activities span the areas of: education, literacy and learning; human rights, ethics and technology; research methods and theory; demographics; close personal relationships between people with disabilities and others; and gender issues.